Symposium 2

This presentation is a mixture of my conversation with artist Jheni Arboine, at Tate Britain. I describe the journey and process of my work, during the course of the Fine Art Digital MA. I also highlight significant milestones that has lead me to where I am now and the way I see my practice going ahead, in the future.

Up against it.

It’s been an intense few weeks. An uncle, an inspiring member of the family passed the other day on Wednesday 3rd May. Since then it has been an extremely busy time. Family gatherings, phone calls and conversation. I’ve been trying to keep on track with my work whilst not to miss out on the opportunities that come my way.
The force was not with me on Thursday.
Trying to keep going, trying not to let things distract me. However, I tried to inject some humour into my day to lighten the load of my thoughts.
I thought I’d make some tiles that day but suddenly remembered that I should have something made towards the Anagama project. So I attempted to ‘quickly’ throw something. Yeah like I’m some kind of expert! But the day before I had thrown two nice breakfast bowls. You can see my level of focus here, I’m supposed to be thinking of my ‘final piece’. but throwing is a bit like much-needed therapy.

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Summer Term begins

Summer term back at school and I’m on a double countdown. Counting down the weeks I have left on before the MA Summer Show is also combined with working weeks I have left at school. Both coincide and I can’t afford to clash this term. I need to focus on my practice and getting my artwork done.

However, I am committed to getting in my school work done. To focus my ideas for planning Year 12 project 2 (that I think are pretty good). Also not to have the P45 drop through my letterbox not being of my own will. I say that in jest but also with the awareness that the expectations of my role as a teacher are to prioritise the students at school over anything else.

I spent the day getting all the important things done. Therefore to create space to get my own work done without having to worry or cause stressful situations that are not needed or necessary at any stage. I have a busy Saturday ahead so I must be practical to clear a lot of work before then and to leave little to do this Sunday as I need that day to rest for the week ahead. Continue reading “Summer Term begins”

Musical indications of my mood

When I have days are going well with my practice and things seem to be working out… of course… I feel happy. So this song plays through my head or I’ll song it or loud whilst driving or washing up.

I’m happy, I’m feeling glad
I got sunshine in a bag
I’m useless but not for long
The future is coming on

‘Clint Eastwood’ – Thank you Gorillaz! Continue reading “Musical indications of my mood”

Translucent clay for light

I like how the light picks up the fine line of the vines and subtle impressions of the leaf outline.

It may be that my initial idea to use porcelain to shine light behind my not be sufficient enough. That all depends on the thickness of the clay I use. Taslim mentioned another clay I may use called Parian. But this I think is only available as casting slip rather than a clay body. I could potentially use the slip and form it into a clay body, but that may take some thime and some experimentation which I don’t have much time fort this stage of the MA. However its worth purchasing and having a go with it. I may even make a mall 3D printed vessel or use my adinkra wooden moulds converted to plaster moulds to somehow to allow for slip casting Parian for light. This can be parked until after my MA if necessary.

Parian clay head
List of stockists 


clay in stock_01
List of clays available at Camberwell College


3D Ceramic Printing Workshop

I had prepared my model for 3D printing last night. Tinkercad is fun and pretty straightforward to use. I had imported the spiderweb adinkra symbol that I re-adjusted using Adobe illustrator. Now it was saved on my USB as well as on my Tinkered account that is an online free software. This was handy as I was unable to find the file I had saved on my USB whilst at Central St.Martins. Jonathan Keep opened my file in CURA to set up for 3D printing. He resized the Adinkra model as we agreed that to lower the height and increase the width. Other wise my actual model would be a dinky narrow cylindrical shape. Resizing was also to reduce the printing time.

Jonathon Keep, resizing Adinkra Symbol ‘Spiders Web’ model using CURA.

Jonathan was scheduled to give a talk at 4pm. Each 3D ceramic print took approximately 40 minutes to an hour. At 2.50pm my model was set to go and had 36 minutes of printing time.

Coiled clay from the nozzle added layer by layer.

Preparing files for 3D Ceramic printing

I could not pass on this! An important opportunity extended from my research paper, to do a 3D ceramic print. I had known that Jonathan Keep was going to be at Ceramic Arts London to give a talk about his work and 3D printing. I was not aware though until I went to see the demonstration yesterday that there was an opportunity to for UAL students to participate in the 3 day 3D ceramic printing workshop. Darn! Did I miss any emails? possibly as I had been working flat out at school, at home and generally trying to get stuff done. There were three other students involved. They had told me that the workshop had not really been very publicised. I asked Jonathan if I could possibly join on Sunday I already had plans for today.  So with the answer being yes and taking the advise to use Tinkercad, my Saturday evening was one of making a ceramic form, in a digital way.

Tinkering with Tinkercad

Preparing for tomorrow’s workshop with Jonathan Keep, I took his advice to use the simplest software Tinkercad to prepare artwork for 3D ceramic printing. I shall go to the workshop tomorrow and hope that this adinkra shape will work for my fist 3d ceramic print! – Note to self, bring a box to carry it home!

I had to re-edit the ANANSE NTONTAN: spider’s web adinkra symbol first in Illustrator then save it as an  .SVG file to import into Tinkercad. I spent about 45minutes using the pen tool to adjust the shape in order to increase the central area of the symbol, to form more of a pot shape when built up coil on top of coil. I look forward to Keep’s talk at Ceramic Arts London tomorrow.


Having watched a Tutorial I think I got the grasp of it.


Ceramic Art London 2017

I had been looking forward to Ceramic Art London. My third time attending but this year feels more familiar to me. Maybe because this time I know some of the people that are exhibiting. Then the event being at UAL: St.Martin’s was another factor.  A plus for me a being a UAL ceramics student (I was asked whether I was at the entrance). I gain free entry.  My plan was to go straight to the lecture hall for the presentation. I see Duncan just outside the lecture hall. “You’ve been trying to get in touch with me”
Yeah I had. I had rang Duncan a couple of days before and the week before then. “Yes,  but I understand and can see you’ve been busy.”  We nodded to his agreement and my acknowledgement.

The rest of the day was spent on catching up on ceramic arts, with friends and speaking to various people mostly about ceramics. I had some interesting conversations and always humbled by a potters openness and willing to spend that time to converse, explain their work and generally share thoughts.

I wondered where I fit amongst all of these talented ceramic artist/potters on show. I’m figuring out my place as I love image making, graphic design and coming up with new ideas. Thinking up ideas is fun, exciting often challenging and at times frustrating as there is little time or energy or resource to implement them all. I enjoy Pottery as equally as Photoshop and Illustrator.  I could by far enjoy creating graphical ceramic pieces and designing the packaging and marketing material for it. I find pottery club and the workshops I’ve done a fulfilling part of sharing creativity as well as stories. Somehow whilst I’m figuring out my place I am, thinking, hoping , being faithful that things will fall into place with my work.

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